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We recently caught up with Mark at his panel and post retaining walls premises in Perth to discuss his business and the pros and cons of retaining walls.

Mark, we have priced 30 meters of retaining at 900 high, your price was over $1000 cheaper than the other suppliers in Perth, how is that possible? You must be cutting corners somewhere.

Some customers may be wary of our low prices, but there is no compromise in quality, in fact, our product tests show that we are industry leaders when it comes to strength, I keep the overheads down and pass on the savings, It’s not something I have to do, It’s just what I do.

There are a lot of these panel and post retaining walls in Perth, and quite often I see them pushing over, what is the reason for the walls to fail like this?

There are quite a few reasons: inadequate or no footings, backfilling too early or incorrectly, a lack of compaction and rusting of the reinforcing known as spalling, basically a missing care factor on all accounts. Our panel and post retaining is an excellent product, and if installed and backfilled correctly, will last a lifetime.

So, apart from price, what sets your post and panel product apart from the rest?

The fact that our product is cast-off actual limestone blocks for the visual aspect, the shorter size of the panels improves the strength and makes DIY easier, and we weld the steel bars together to strengthen our posts. Our Walls are made strictly for retaining unlike other products used for retaining but designed and manufactured as free-standing walls.

So why get a panel and post retaining wall, as opposed to limestone?

Limestone walls have their place, as do the panel and post walls, there are situations such as limited space, building on the low side of a boundary, or where sewer lines are present that only panel and post will suit. Having said that, there are times when panel and post retaining walls can’t be used, and I would recommend limestone walls, not a DIY retaining wall option, but if installed by a reputable company, although it can be costly, it will undoubtedly do the job.

And what sort of lead time is there for pickup or delivery?

We may need time to pack larger orders but more often than not, you can call to arrange to pick up straight away, and delivery is usually available the following day.

Now, Is it really DIY? I’ve taken on some DIY projects that I wish I’d never started.

Our posts and panels are designed to be user-friendly, I provide full installation instructions plus I am personally available anytime you need help or advice.

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