DIY Concrete Retaining Walls in Perth


When you contact our Retaining Wall Company in Perth, you will deal directly with the owner, Mark. He has been supplying Strong Lock DIY concrete retaining walls for 26 years, and you will benefit from his extensive knowledge.

You can have peace of mind knowing that your DIY retaining walls are manufactured and supplied by a professional, and the product will continue to provide a lifetime of unmatched performance.

DIY Retaining Walls in Perth

If you’re considering DIY modular wall systems, use Mark’s expertise. He can walk you through the entire process, ensuring you leave with the confidence to install DIY retaining walls in Perth correctly.

Mark is only a phone call away to help you anytime if you need assistance at any stage, including weekends.

Versatile DIY Modular Walls

The Strong Lock DIY wall panels and posts are made from steel-reinforced concrete with more than twice the strength of a house pad.

Strong Lock modular wall panels can accommodate all needs and functions regardless of height, length, load, or shape. It is a common misconception that modular retaining walls cannot be used to support driveways or retain heights exceeding one and a half metres.

Our DIY modular walls can also be used for fencing plinths that slide directly into the fence post, providing excellent retention capability. No matter the challenge, we are always available to offer a solution to meet your needs.

Get Full Service for DIY Wall Panels

Strong Lock will get you started for all your requirements from the initial design, survey, and shire approval service.

You can forget the hefty prices; Strong Lock walls cost less due to a hands-on approach, not from cutting corners.

Why Choose Us? 

Strong Lock offers the strongest DIY retaining walls in Perth available today. Combining the aesthetic appeal of limestone with the enduring strength of steel-reinforced concrete panel retaining.

  • Durable Strength & Hardness 

Our DIY wall panels have an impressive strength and hardness rating – much higher than the industry standard ratings. We use steel reinforcing rods throughout our posts and panels to guarantee stronger twin side retaining walls

  • Superior Aesthetic Finish 

Our retaining walls have the distinct look and finish of high-quality limestone walls. Our modular wall panels resemble a replica of natural limestone blocks, giving your property a clean and polished look. 

  • Cost Effective Option 

We provide you with an excellent and low-cost solution for DIY retaining walls in Perth that resemble expensive limestone brick walls. We offer a wide variety of heights to cater to diverse needs. Choose a DIY modular wall system that best suits your requirements. 

  • Easy To Assemble & Install

Strong Lock DIY retaining wall blocks are quick and easy to install. Build a retaining wall to enhance your garden space within one weekend. It is easy to do and doesn’t require any professional services. 

Best DIY Retaining Wall Blocks in Perth 

If you’re looking for cheap DIY retaining walls at an unbeatable price that boasts superior strength and absolute quality, contact our team today. 

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Constructing a DIY retaining wall offers several benefits. It prevents soil erosion, especially in regions with heavy rainfall and high winds. It creates a usable flat space on sloped areas, expanding your property’s functionality. Retaining walls enhances landscaping aesthetics, adding visual appeal to your outdoor space. Additionally, they can increase property value and provide a long-lasting solution to soil stability issues.

Strong Lock DIY retaining walls offer an unbeatable price. Contact our team to discuss your requirements and find a cost-effective solution.

Diy Modular Retaining Wall

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